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Well exposed pussy


I took this photo in March after a lightning storm and forgot to post it since I had some issues with Adobe Lightroom processing. As I was going through my backup, i happened to find it and post it here.

I didn’t get any shots of the lightning storm since it died out as soon as I got there, but I managed to try something challenging with this cat. She was sitting on this bench and I started moving as close as I could to get a shot of her trying to keep herself warm. ¬†Exposure was 13 seconds long(with tripod) at f/8 at ISO 100 on the 24-70mm set at 70mm on a Nikon D3. Image hasn’t been modified in Adobe Photoshop. Image was shot at the Kuwait water front in Bneid Al Gar on 10 March 2011 04:16:18 am.